Monday, January 14, 2013

Hi again! We did end up taking 2 cycles off, hoping it doesn't turn into 3! Luckily they have been long cycles, lol. I am currently on CD 50, feel like I will start in the next week or so.

Everything with the house worked out, and we moved in! Now I am back on track and ready to jump back in.

We were staying with my family for quite some time while working on the house and didn't have any control over the kinds of food in the house. I am so happy to be able to control what is in my pantry and what and how I cook. I have been trying to make healthy foods, which I hope will helps our fertility. Now, hopefully when next cycle starts, we can move on to injectables  and it will work!

Meanwhile, we are finishing little projects in the house, so we can apply to be foster parents. We would love to be able to give a home to a kid(s) that need one and show them love they may not have gotten in the past. We will still do this if we get pregnant, maybe not right away, but we both feel that it is just in gods plan for us, so we have to do it. To think that there are so many kids needing loving parents, and here we are wanting to expand our love and add to our is a no brainer.

So, wish us luck in all our adventures!