Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back on the wagon

So, I never updated my last cycle. It was BFN, as predicted. Went ahead and skipped a cycle, and AF returned after 58 days! I am now on CD 3, and we are doing another round of follistim with IUI. DH has been on fertilaid, count boost, motility boost, fertile detox and a b-complex for 3 months now, so we are hoping for some improvement. The good news is, the highest SA he has had was 17 mil, but that was about 3-4 months after taking fertilaid, count boost and motility boost for about 2 months. So, I am really hoping that it is higher this time. I will take 10 mil, last time it was 1.7 :(

I was on 75 iu of follistim for 4 days (i think) and then went to 150, not sure if I went straight to 150, or did 100 in there somewhere. This time he is starting me on 100, so I am hoping to be ready earlier. Our DD has a cheer competition on may 11th and that would be the day of the IUI last cycle, so I need to be ready earlier this time, I can't miss her competition!

Wish us luck, I will update soon!