Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back on the wagon

So, I never updated my last cycle. It was BFN, as predicted. Went ahead and skipped a cycle, and AF returned after 58 days! I am now on CD 3, and we are doing another round of follistim with IUI. DH has been on fertilaid, count boost, motility boost, fertile detox and a b-complex for 3 months now, so we are hoping for some improvement. The good news is, the highest SA he has had was 17 mil, but that was about 3-4 months after taking fertilaid, count boost and motility boost for about 2 months. So, I am really hoping that it is higher this time. I will take 10 mil, last time it was 1.7 :(

I was on 75 iu of follistim for 4 days (i think) and then went to 150, not sure if I went straight to 150, or did 100 in there somewhere. This time he is starting me on 100, so I am hoping to be ready earlier. Our DD has a cheer competition on may 11th and that would be the day of the IUI last cycle, so I need to be ready earlier this time, I can't miss her competition!

Wish us luck, I will update soon!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CD 13, 14 - Good news, bad news

So, good news on CD 13! I had four measurable follies. 19, 18, 17 and 12. Lining was 10.8. I had the trigger that afternoon at 1:00, and had the set for the next afternood at 3:00 pm, (26 hours). I was super excited. This was it, it was going to work this time, I just knew it, especially since we have been living a healthier lifestyle, lost a few lbs, been taking supplements, and DH works in a factory, it is really hot in there in the summer, and all his SA's have been in the summer, so I was sure this would be better!

So, at 3pm, I am sitting there, covered in the sheet, floating on cloud nine, waiting for the Dr. He comes in with a look and sits down, "OH no....." He said that the volume of semen was very small, and the total number of sperm was 1.7 mil. He told us that it was very unlikely that it was going to work this cycle, and he wanted to tell us up front that we are going to have to consider our options.

#1, IVF with ICSI.
#2 Donor sperm
#3 adoption
#4 just live as the family we are and discontinue fertility treatments.

Well, we just put a strike through #4 right away.

There is no way we can afford #1 or 3 right now, since we just bought our house and remodeled it. It will be atleast a year until we can pay down our debt some to get a loan :(

And neither of us are ok with donor sperm at this point.

So, we are hoping this round actually does work. I want to continue our healthy lifestyle changes and DH started fertilaid, count boost and motility boost about 2 weeks ago. Then skip a cycle, and have another SA. He has had one that was 17 mil, so I am hopeful. Stay tuned.....

Monday, February 11, 2013

CD 6, Update.

Hey, here we are on CD 6, have done 3 shots of follistim so far. My E2 was 38.6 on CD 2, and now it is 88.8 as of this morning. I really don't know what that means, lol. However, they did tell me to stay on the 75 iu, so it must be where it should be.

Side effects so far: I started feeling crampy yesterday evening. Today though, I feel bloated, and my ovaries are really achy, and feel big. When I bend down, it pinches. Hoping that means they are filling up with eggies :)

I also am kind of a mental mess today, and I have no energy at all :(

I go on CD 8 for bw and u/s, can't wait to see how many follies there are!

Friday, February 8, 2013

We're back! CD 3

I am so excited to be starting up again! My last cycle was 75 days, ugh. But, here I am on cycle day 3, and starting follistim tonight. I was doing femara but quit responding, so we were moved on to follistim. However, we were in the middle of buying a house, and had to take a couple cycles off. Now that we are back on our feet, we are doing our first follistim cycle.

I am pretty nervous about side effects. My hormones are out of whack as it is, when i throw in medicine that messes with hormones, it tends to get ugly. I don't know if I am happy, sad, emotional, or mad from one minute to the next. So, we shall see, lol. I will update here throughout the cycle, wish us luck :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hi again! We did end up taking 2 cycles off, hoping it doesn't turn into 3! Luckily they have been long cycles, lol. I am currently on CD 50, feel like I will start in the next week or so.

Everything with the house worked out, and we moved in! Now I am back on track and ready to jump back in.

We were staying with my family for quite some time while working on the house and didn't have any control over the kinds of food in the house. I am so happy to be able to control what is in my pantry and what and how I cook. I have been trying to make healthy foods, which I hope will helps our fertility. Now, hopefully when next cycle starts, we can move on to injectables  and it will work!

Meanwhile, we are finishing little projects in the house, so we can apply to be foster parents. We would love to be able to give a home to a kid(s) that need one and show them love they may not have gotten in the past. We will still do this if we get pregnant, maybe not right away, but we both feel that it is just in gods plan for us, so we have to do it. To think that there are so many kids needing loving parents, and here we are wanting to expand our love and add to our is a no brainer.

So, wish us luck in all our adventures!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Might have to put off next cycle

We are supposed to start injectables whenever my next cycle starts, im on CD23 now, but didn't ovulate, I have to call on day 28 if I dont start by then. So, anyway, when I start I am to be on injectables. We are buying a house, and we have to do some repairs before closing, which will really take up most of our extra money that we would be using for the cycle :( I am just afraid if we put it off, 1 cycle will turn into 2 and so on. Last time we held off a cycle to start injectables, (different RE), we just kept trying for a year on our own, before consulting again, and then switching RE's. So I really dont want to put it off....home closing vs. hopefully getting pregnant....that is a really close call. One is way more practical than the other!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cycle 2

Here we are on our second assisted cycle. The plan is the same as last cycle, femara cd 3-7, hcg trigger, and IUI.

This cycle, my mid cycle scan would be on day 12, instead of 11 like last time, due to the weekend. I was excited, since I would get to see the follicles a little bigger that last time, and maybe get an idea of how many mm they grew each day. Silly thinking on my part, ha! On CD 12, I only had one on each side, 11 and 13. Great, they were smaller than last time. I have to go back in 2 days for another scan.

CD 14, sizes 12 and 13...come back in 2 days.

CD 16, sizes 12 and 12. Great, one stayed the same and one shrunk. My cycle was cancelled. Starting follistim next cycle.