Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CD 13, 14 - Good news, bad news

So, good news on CD 13! I had four measurable follies. 19, 18, 17 and 12. Lining was 10.8. I had the trigger that afternoon at 1:00, and had the set for the next afternood at 3:00 pm, (26 hours). I was super excited. This was it, it was going to work this time, I just knew it, especially since we have been living a healthier lifestyle, lost a few lbs, been taking supplements, and DH works in a factory, it is really hot in there in the summer, and all his SA's have been in the summer, so I was sure this would be better!

So, at 3pm, I am sitting there, covered in the sheet, floating on cloud nine, waiting for the Dr. He comes in with a look and sits down, "OH no....." He said that the volume of semen was very small, and the total number of sperm was 1.7 mil. He told us that it was very unlikely that it was going to work this cycle, and he wanted to tell us up front that we are going to have to consider our options.

#1, IVF with ICSI.
#2 Donor sperm
#3 adoption
#4 just live as the family we are and discontinue fertility treatments.

Well, we just put a strike through #4 right away.

There is no way we can afford #1 or 3 right now, since we just bought our house and remodeled it. It will be atleast a year until we can pay down our debt some to get a loan :(

And neither of us are ok with donor sperm at this point.

So, we are hoping this round actually does work. I want to continue our healthy lifestyle changes and DH started fertilaid, count boost and motility boost about 2 weeks ago. Then skip a cycle, and have another SA. He has had one that was 17 mil, so I am hopeful. Stay tuned.....

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