Monday, February 11, 2013

CD 6, Update.

Hey, here we are on CD 6, have done 3 shots of follistim so far. My E2 was 38.6 on CD 2, and now it is 88.8 as of this morning. I really don't know what that means, lol. However, they did tell me to stay on the 75 iu, so it must be where it should be.

Side effects so far: I started feeling crampy yesterday evening. Today though, I feel bloated, and my ovaries are really achy, and feel big. When I bend down, it pinches. Hoping that means they are filling up with eggies :)

I also am kind of a mental mess today, and I have no energy at all :(

I go on CD 8 for bw and u/s, can't wait to see how many follies there are!

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