Friday, February 8, 2013

We're back! CD 3

I am so excited to be starting up again! My last cycle was 75 days, ugh. But, here I am on cycle day 3, and starting follistim tonight. I was doing femara but quit responding, so we were moved on to follistim. However, we were in the middle of buying a house, and had to take a couple cycles off. Now that we are back on our feet, we are doing our first follistim cycle.

I am pretty nervous about side effects. My hormones are out of whack as it is, when i throw in medicine that messes with hormones, it tends to get ugly. I don't know if I am happy, sad, emotional, or mad from one minute to the next. So, we shall see, lol. I will update here throughout the cycle, wish us luck :)

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