Thursday, October 4, 2012

Might have to put off next cycle

We are supposed to start injectables whenever my next cycle starts, im on CD23 now, but didn't ovulate, I have to call on day 28 if I dont start by then. So, anyway, when I start I am to be on injectables. We are buying a house, and we have to do some repairs before closing, which will really take up most of our extra money that we would be using for the cycle :( I am just afraid if we put it off, 1 cycle will turn into 2 and so on. Last time we held off a cycle to start injectables, (different RE), we just kept trying for a year on our own, before consulting again, and then switching RE's. So I really dont want to put it off....home closing vs. hopefully getting pregnant....that is a really close call. One is way more practical than the other!

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