Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our journey so far

When we first started TTC, it was more of a not trying not preventing for a while. Then, we started trying a little more and a little more. After a year, I talked to my regular gyn, and he did blood work and put me on femara for 5 days, (and referred me to the fertility Dr at that clinic). Then according to my blood work, i ovulated, but did not get pg. Next cycle, femara again, but no ovulation.

More blood work was done and I was told our only option would be femara combined with follistim and IUI. He ordered a SA for DH first though, just to make sure everything was ok on his end. It wasn't, we were told less than 5 mil live sperm :( And he had to see a urologist before going any further.

So, we go see the urologist and he is literally a complete jerk! He told us that if we really wanted a baby we would lose weight. He asked how much weight we had lost during this journey and we said not really any, so he said, "then maybe you don't want this as bad as you think", mind you, my DH was not overweight, and i was overweight, but not by any means overweight enough to be told that! He also said that couples our age should not seek help until we had tried on our own for 3 years! We left there so mad, we just took some time off hoping it would happen on its own. We waited almost another year, and saw the fertility specialist again. He looked over my previous blood work and said he had missed it before, but I am insulin resistant, and need to be on metformin. He also ordered another SA.  The result this time, zero live sperm. This is when I decided to switch to an actual fertility clinic.

At the new clinic, they did bw on both of us. They repeated the SA and the result was 17 mil!!! I also had a HSG, and all was clear!! This was so good to hear, because we had all but given up hope after leaving the last dr.

The next cycle we started our femara, hcg and IUI cycle. I will write about that in my next post :)

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